#ARTwalk in New Bern, NC

After living in New Bern, NC for just over a year now, I finally had a chance to join in on the monthly ARTwalk held in the downtown district.

It was really a neat experience. The downtown area of New Bern is about 6 blocks or so, and there were several vendors participating. Many stayed open past their regular hours to welcome visitors and locals alike.

Some places like the Bank of the Arts held special events. That night they had a couple of musicians playing and they also had a special wood display. Several woodworkers brought in pieces they had made for an wood art exhibit.

At several different points there was plentiful music to be enjoyed. I was introduced to Caffeineited Soul Boogie which was actually playing right outside my office! We listened to at least 4 different musicians at 4 different places.

There really is something for everyone at ARTwalk.

Here is a list of places we visited:
1) Nautical Wheelers New Bern
2) The Red Shoe Studio Gallery
3) Isaac Taylor Garden
4) Carolina Creations
5) Colonial Capital Humane Society
6) The Black Cat Shoppe
7) Craven Arts Council / Bank of the Arts
8) The Brown Pelican

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