I did a cover spread photo

Wendy Card from Newbernnow.com invited me out to a group photo at Tryon Palace to be on the cover of their next issue of The Ledger magazine. I was super humbled that I was invited to this, as the magazine has been a staple in New Bern for 10 years now.

This photo was to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the publication. Wendy was one of the first creatives I met when I moved to New Bern and has been kind enough to have me on her Pod Squad show a few times.

Wendy thank you for the work you do in this town!

Other VLOGs

#ARTwalk in New Bern, NC

After living in New Bern, NC for just over a year now, I finally had a chance to join in on the monthly ARTwalk held in the downtown district. It was really a neat experience. The downtown area of New Bern is about 6 blocks or so, and there were several vendors participating.

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Top 3 Movies I'd Like A Sequel To

This morning I was thinking about all of the movie remakes and sequels in the past 10 years or so, and I came up with a list of 3 movies I'd love to see a sequel to. Well, I had 3 and then I forgot to write them down quick enough. (#DoryMemory)

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Instagram Meme Creators are forming a Union ???

I read this article where a new Instagram account has been formed – with the sole purpose to form a union to create meme content.

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Making A Post-It Note Goal Wall

I was previously using the Best Self Journal, but for several reasons, I ditched it. I liked the idea of a 13-week goal, but the journal itself was overwhelming for me. I now use a page-per-day style daily planner, and I made this post-it note goal wall to keep track of my goal progress.

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