Instagram Meme Creators are forming a Union ???

I read this article (link below) where a new Instagram account has been formed – with the sole purpose to form a union to create meme content.

I understand it takes work and creativity to make these memes (I mean, just the idea of unionizing this is pretty creative).

This is the equivalent however, of creating free content for a business and not charging them for it. Instagram is not going to pay you to make content. They MIGHT monetize video content in the future with ads that are paid out to the creator (similar to Google Adsense on Youtube), however don't expect any money from just creating Instagram posts...

In my humble opinion, if you want to get paid for your meme creation, reach out to brands and pitch them the idea of creating their own branded memes that can be shared and go viral. You'll get paid and that's what's most important right?


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I did a cover spread photo

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Making A Post-It Note Goal Wall

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