Top 3 Movies I'd Like A Sequel To

Okay. So with Hollywood remaking so many different movies lately, I thought of my top three movies I would love to see remade. And after I go through mine, I would love to hear what your top three movies you'd like to either be remade or sequel too. Okay.

Back To The Future 4

My first one would be Back To The Future 4. If you remember at the end of Back To The Future 3, Doc came back with his new wife in there, you know, back to the future train and they had a couple of kids. One was Verne, but they had two kids. And so I know that Michael J. Fox isn't in the best health right now, but, and certainly Christopher Lloyd is getting up in age, but perhaps his kids can kind of take over. You know, his movie kids, Verne and the daughter can take over the lead roles of Back To The Future.

Perhaps. Maybe, maybe his kids want to see their father when he was young and so they go back to future when his, when their dad, you know, was like the air age or something. So I think there could be an interesting plot that comes out of that. Back to the Future is one of the ones I'd really like to see. It's one of my favorite all time movies.

The Goonies 2

The second movie that I'd like to see comeback is the Goonies. I'd love to see like a Goonies 2. So at the end of the first one, you know, the maid Rosalita found all of the jewels which basically help them keep the house instead of having to sell it. And so perhaps maybe the family came into a little bit of additional fortune and perhaps there's something else that comes out of that movie there.

Third Movie...

The third movie. The third movie is actually the movie that actually made me think of this top three and I have to admit, um, I forgot it.

I have the memory capacity of Dory and, I've been trying to think of this all morning and I cannot think of it. And so, uh, if I think of it, I'll update this post. Either way, I'd love to hear down in the comments what your top three favorite movies would be, or even just your top movie. You know, like what number one movie would you like to see by remade? And by the way, I just saw a trailer for Top Gun, part two. That's going to be a sequel, not a remake. It's gonna be a sequel of, of top gun that's coming out that that should be interesting. But yeah, let me go ahead and hear your top favorite movie that you would love to see as a remake or as a sequel. Alright. Otherwise I'm out.

I'll just wait a moment, I guess for these church bells to go off. It's 9:00 AM so I think we got about four left, but then it does this like it does like a little song after.

I think it's done.

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